Membership Policies

Membership Policies

PDK Youth Society



  • All memberships as of 2024 are month-to-month and require one months notice for cancellations.
  • Membership renewals after being in-active are $35 to re-register.
  • Membership holds are $25 a month due to injury or one months notice of being away.
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • Our class schedule runs year-round except for the December holidays.
  • Make-up classes are welcome within the same month. Members 12 & under must email prior to ensure space.
  • Make up classes do not carry over into other months.


  • All members should have their official patch on gi, and cdn patch for grading exams.
  • Sparring gear needs to be purchased to participate in full syllabus by month two for members training 2x plus a week and by month three for 1x week members.
  • Don Jitsu Ryu Flesh & Bone Book is required syllabus by founder Grandmaster Jacob for Grading exams.


  • Grading for under black belt run twice a year locally with the Grandmaster and panel. Mock grading dates, forms and fees requirements are sent out prior. Inquire for the fee schedule to plan ahead.
  • It is mandatory for students to grade once a year, and email the dojo office to be excused if they are unable to accept a recommendation.
  • Our main program is 2 class hours a week for consistent progress (recommended).
  • No rank is guaranteed.
  • Teams travel for Black Belt Exams travel once a year to HQ in Trinidad or Boca Ration Florida.

Any questions, please contact our dojo office.